Slim, stunning, strong – the KaDeck raises the bar when it comes to ceiling air conditioning

160 millimetres. That is the construction height of the KaDeck, of the still new ceiling unit by Kampmann. 160 millimetres – that is about the same height as an iPhone 6 Plus. Or that of a new pencil. Irrespective of its possibly record-breaking short height, the KaDeck scores with a wide range of further remarkable properties. And recently also with a version for wet cooling with a condensate collector.

There are many air conditioning systems for the ceiling. They mostly come in the shape of a ceiling cassette. There are many variations from dozens of manufacturers. Yet in the end, you always get the same – until now. For with the KaDeck , Kampmann rethinks ceiling air conditioning.

Kampmann’s KaDeck closed

What the KaDeck does is hardly any different to pertinent ceiling cassettes- more or less: it air conditions, heats and supplies fresh air where required. However the way it does it – that has little to do with ceiling cassettes, but rather more to do with Kampmann’s reference product No. 1, the Katherm, which is why the KaDeck is also called the “Katherm for the ceiling. An EC cross-flow fan takes care of the acceleration of the air and not an axial fan as is common for ceiling cassettes. It is thus possible to translate the extremely esteemed properties of Kampmann’s trench heaters to the KaDeck: long service life, quiet, efficient and with sophisticated technology for a perfect air supply. And as if that were not enough: it has even adopted the low construction height from its archetype – leading to great flexibility. For, besides the usual installation in the false ceiling, the KaDeck can also be installed under the ceiling, even if the ceilings are low. And, in fact, elegantly.

Planners and architects appreciate the highest level of optical restraint in air conditioning units as possible. Ideally, they disappear or melt in with the environment. And should a glance come to rest upon the unit, it would be in the sense of the interior design if the design harmonised with rest of the interior. And that is exactly what the KaDeck has succeeded in: high-quality workmanship with a sturdy metal casing, invisible hinges and locks, the unit is extremely discreet, but an eyecatcher in the details. This can be additionally supported by custom-made suction grilles and special paintwork.


Interior view of Kampmann’s KaDeck

Besides the way it looks, the KaDeck is distinguished by its maintenance friendliness and versatility. If the KaDeck is installed in the false ceiling, no inspection opening on site is needed as practically the entire underside of the unit serves as an inspection opening and thus all maintenance-relevant components can be accessed directly – even the valve and the connector. In addition, the unit fulfils the strict VDI Regulation 6022 of hygiene conformity.

And there is the right KaDeck version for every place of use. Depending on the requirements, the units can be placed either in the middle of the room or right next to a wall. Depending on the location, the KaDeck is selected with a single-sided or double-sided air supply direction. At the same time, the air outlets are optimised for the Coanda effect and thus minimise the occurrence of draughts. Of late, the KaDeck is also available with wet cooling and correspondingly higher cooling capacities. With this version, the casing is insulated against condensate and a pump feeds off the condensate developing.

False ceiling or ceiling, middle of the room or near a wall, dry or wet – the KaDeck is equipped for every installation case and also fits anywhere with its unbelievable slim 160 millimetres: slim and stunning – strong!