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SIDI Sport, Maser (Treviso)

SIDI Sport, Maser (Treviso)

Construction of a new production and administration building

A synonym for quality, comfort and design

SIDI S.r.l., Maser (Treviso)
Project data:
Location: 31010 Maser (Treviso)


  • SIDI Sport is an internationally renowned supplier of high-quality sports footwear, sports apparel and accessories. 110 metres of Katherm HK trench heating create perceptible interior comfort in the Italian manufacturer's new building. Empty trenches were connected to the active units to create a coherent interior architectural design. Natural aluminium anodised roll-up grilles and matching central covers enhance the sophisticated appearance of the units.
  • Katherm HK is synonymous with on-demand, individually controllable heating or cooling from the floor. The configuration with EC cross-flow fans produces approximately 60% energy-savings over conventional fans.
  • The structure of the façade and the shape of the roof of the new industrial complex reflect the gently curving landscape of the foothills of the Alps. Trench heating works virtually invisibly from the floor: users of the building enjoy an uninterrupted view through the full-height glazing in the conference room and offices.

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