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Schloss Elmau Retreat, Elmau

Schloss Elmau Retreat, Elmau

New building next to the historic castle becomes a G7 summit venue

Discreet and stylish air conditioning

Dietmar Müller-Elmau, castle owner
Project data:
Location: 82493 Elmau-Klais, Germany


  • Another already historic chapter was added to the long and exciting history of Schloss Elmau on 7 and 8 June 2015.The heads of government of the G7 countries discussed issues of global interest at the G7 summit. The conference was held in a new building that was only opened in April 2015 next to the original castle at "Schloss Elmau Retreat".
  • 47 suites and junior suites, three restaurants, lounges, a well-stocked library, a fantastic spa and last but not least the idyllic and mighty panorama of the Wetterstein mountain range - it is not surprising that Schloss Elmau Retreat is one of the "Leading Hotels Of The World". Kampmann trench heating is installed under the full-height window façades so that that air quality in the hotel can keep on top of the fresh Alpine air.
  • Katherm QK trench heating heats the room quietly and quickly: the fan that is powered by an advanced EC motor blows the heated air up the cold window façade before it is drawn into the room and heats it up evenly without creating any draughts. Katherm HK units are also installed in Elmau, providing a cooling function in addition to the heating. Kampmann is the market and technology leader in trench heating and has unique expertise in trench cooling in particular.
  • The trench heating is controlled by Kampmann's KaControl system. This system permits the integration of the units into the building control system and therefore the comprehensive documentation and control of the electrical installations. Guests are able to set a feel-good climate individually via a room control unit.
  • Anyone with a desire to fit out their hotel with high-quality and attractive furnishings like Dietmar Müller-Elmau is sure to have exacting demands when it comes to the air outlets. The castle owner chose varnished oak roll-up grilles for his retreat that blend perfectly with the rest of the interior.

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