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Hotel Roomers, Baden-Baden

Hotel Roomers, Baden-Baden

Elegance and minimalism in a new designer hotel

Air conditioning to match the ambience

Roomers Baden-Baden Hotelbetriebs GmbH
Project data:
Location: Location: 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany


  • Baden-Baden – a melodious name: the town on the edge of the Black Forest is not just a health resort – it is also a cultural centre and international festival city. It is therefore hardly surprising that Barack Obama was received in Baden-Baden in 2009 on his first state visit to Germany. It is a shame that the Roomers wasn’t yet built – as it would have provided suitable accommodation for him.
  • The designer “Roomers Baden-Baden” hotel opened in October 2016, with a perfect location, very close to the Festival Hall. The overall interior design concept and the room design was in the capable hands of the renowned Italian designer Piero Lisoni. The 130 rooms and suites are characterised by their minimalist elegance and restrained refinement. 141 Venkon EC units ensure that all rooms have a climate of well-being as well as an ambience of well-being. To achieve this ambience, the fan coils are integrated as unobtrusively as possible into the suspended ceiling.
  • Roomers sets great store by providing an optimum indoor climate in the lobby and bar area, as well as in the bedrooms, without guests catching sight of the air conditioning units. Katherm trench heating units for heating and cooling were therefore the first choice for the designer hotel. Some 150 metres of trench heating units cling to the full-height windows that offer an unimpeded view over the adjacent Black Forest.
  • Visual minimalism was also an important factor with the cold air screening in the entrance: the Tandem 385 door air curtain disappears almost invisibly into the suspended ceiling – and yet works there with maximum efficiency. The patented solution of an unheated ambient air stream as a back-up air stream and an even more efficient warm air stream forms energy-saving protection for the up-market lobby area.
  • KaCool air conditioning units, both ceiling-mounted cassettes and wall-mounted units, complete the air conditioning concept – totally relying on Kampmann. It’s the same with the control, with the KaControl quickly setting the required individual climate.

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