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Prime Tower, Zurich

Prime Tower, Zurich

Flexible configuration for the highest building in Switzerland

LEED Gold-certified building provides heating and cooling with Kampmann trench heating

Swiss Prime Site AG, Olten, Switzerland
Project data:
Location: 8005 Zurich, Switzerland


  • Katherm HK trench heating provides demand-led heating and cooling from the floor throughout the entire building complex. The complex consists of a total of four buildings including the 126-metre high Prime Tower, the highest building in Switzerland. The high-rise office building received four top environmental awards: LEED Gold, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Minergie®, greenproperty and the Credit Suisse AG mark for sustainable building.
  • Alongside standard trenches, custom-built Katherm HK in particular work flexibly fitting around the architectural structures and meeting tenants' requirements for varying office and service space. The non-standard dimensions of the trenches, which have a step-shaped cross-section, fit seamlessly around the façade of the Prime Tower.
  • Katherm HK trench heaters provide individually controllable heating or cooling by means of energy-efficient EC cross-flow fans. On certain floors of the Prime Tower, Katherm HK are equipped with a fresh air function to supply fresh air into the space, providing an optimum combination of heating, cooling and fresh air supply.
  • Extremely slimline trenches provide an attractive appearance in the catering and conference facilities on the top floors. Katherm HK trenches unobtrusively create a comfortable climate and an unobstructed view of the city and surrounding countryside. Some of the units offer integrated power outlets and electrical distribution.
  • The supply of fully pre-piped trench heating with specially prepared connections for heating and cooling ensures rapid on-site assembly.
  • Katherm HK offers a choice in the choice of grille, a choice that tenants take advantage of in a variety of ways. Thus throughout the entire building complex, the "optiline" roll-up grilles essentially match the floor coverings. Decorative linear grilles are used in certain areas with air flow-enhancing teardrop-shaped grille bars.

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