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PowerKon nano

Free-standing convector with EC tangential fan-assisted convection. Flat, delicate, restrained in front of floor-height windows.

PowerKon nano
Your benefits:
  • flat, delicate, restrained

  • high outputs from compact dimensions

  • FineLine grille for a perfect look


  • market-leading, prizewinning trench heating technology featuring a free-standing convector
  • ultra-small dimensions, with a height of only 150 mm (5.91") and a depth of only 160 mm (6.3")
  • sturdy sheet steel casing, powder coated in DB 703 (other colours on request)
  • with stainless steel or steel FineLine grille (steel powder coated in four different colours, other colours on request)


  • Effective cold air screening of full height windows
  • Whisper-quiet tangential EC fan for balanced airflow over the convector length, resulting in high heat outputs at low sound emissions
  • Unique high-performance convector optimised for ultra-low LPHW-Temperatures.
  • Anti-twist device for the LPHW- connection prevents damage to the convector when fitting the valves; valve connection sets optional as accessories


  • underfloor installation in front of glazing
  • ideal for offices and residential buildings, hotels and public buildings
  • available in lengths 800, 1100, 1400, 1700 and 2000 mm (31.5", 43.31", 55.12", 66.93" and 78.74")


  • The heat outputs were measured and determined in accordance with BS EN 16430 "Fan-assisted radiators, convectors and trench convectors" Part 1: "Technical specifications and requirements" and Part 2: "Test method and rating of the heat output."
  • a single EC tangential fan with cascaded rollers is used for each length. This leads to lower maintenance costs and increased heat output from the same length
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KaControl control electronics

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