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Katherm HK
Heating Cooling Ventilation

Trench heating and cooling.

Katherm HK
Your benefits:
  • Heating and cooling in a 2-pipe and 4-pipe system

  • EC fan, quiet and energy-efficient

  • Condensate drip tray as standard

Key features

  • Short delivery times for our standard trenches
  • A matching edge profile for a perfect design with every grille
  • Cost-effective efficient heating and cooling even at low noise levels 


  • Energy-saving EC tangential fan with flow-optimised impellers, cascaded arrangement as a continuous fan belt; this produces uniform airflow through convector with minimal sound emissions.
  • High-performance coil optimised for airflow and heating and cooling output, with Eurokonus valve connection
  • 2-pipe or 4-pipe system for individual comfort in every room
  • Standard raised floor feet and mounting brackets with impact sound insulation for ease of installation of the trench system and avoidance of sound transfer
  • Anti-torsion mechanism for heating connections prevents damage to the convector when fitting the valves; valves optionally available as accessories
  • Specially designed condensate tray for safe removal of the condensate and simultaneous air routing; can be pulled out to the room side for ease of cleaning in line with the Hygiene Directive VDI 6022.
  • Condensate pump set (optional) to drain condensate, if needed


  • Buildings of all kinds in which there is a high cooling requirement due to the sun’s rays
  • Clear view and feel good temperature in front of full-length glass façades
  • Developed to meet the requirements of a modern room air conditioning
  • 9 unit lengths, 2 unit widths, 2 unit heights; made-to-measure lengths on request

... also good to know

  • The heat outputs were measured and determined in accordance with DIN EN 16430 "Fan-assisted radiators, convectors and trench convectors" Part 1: "Technical Specifications and Requirements", Part 2: "Test method and Evaluation of Heat Output" and Part 3 "Test Method and Evaluation of Cooling Output".
  • The acoustics measurements were carried out in a semi low-reflective acoustic chamber in compliance with DIN EN ISO 3744.



Katherm HK Trench Heating 3D


More information on cooling

Spezial Katherm HK chauffages en caniveau, écran optimisédownload as.pdf, 2,10 MB
Spezial Katherm HK trench heating, screen-optimizeddownload as.pdf, 2,27 MB
Cross-product information
Product overviewdownload as.pdf, 6,08 MB
Overview Katherm Supply Air Versionsdownload as.pdf, 4,07 MB
Building product declaration Katherm trench heatingdownload as.pdf, 333,01 KB
UL Certificate of Compliancedownload as.pdf, 372,53 KB
BIM data (Building Information Modeling)
BIM datadownload asDownload
Control accessories electromechanical 24 V

Clock thermostat

24 V, heating/cooling with 2-pipe system, flush-mounted, continuously variable, with LCD operating menu and integrated timer program, heating/cooling changeover by means of external potential-free contact (low voltage), max. five units can be connected
Article no.:

List price:
282,00 € plus VAT
Valves and Return shut-off valves

Valve body

suitable for:
Katherm NK 137/182 (trench heights 92 mm and 120 mm)
Katherm HK 320, Katherm HK 290
Article no.:

List price:
28,00 € plus VAT

Pre-setting key

Pre-setting key for valve bodies type 346909, 346910, 346911 and convector valve set type 126103, pre-settable, one required per project
Article no.:

List price:
4,20 € plus VAT

Return shut-off valve

suitable for:
Katherm NK,
Katherm QK,
Katherm HK 320, Katherm HK 340, Katherm HK 290
Article no.:

List price:
15,00 € plus VAT

Pre-setting set

for valve body with higher flow rate, type 346914
Article no.:

List price:
26,00 € plus VAT
Valve Actuators

Thermoelectric actuator

24 V AC/DC for KaControl and clock thermostat type 30456!
Article no.:

List price:
60,00 € plus VAT
Valve kits

Valve kit

Heating/cooling with 1 no. axial valve body, pre-settable, 1/2” connection, 1 no. angled return shut-off valve, 1 no. thermoelectric actuator 24 V, supplied loose
Article no.:

List price:
107,00 € plus VAT

Filter for air inlet

Article no.:

List price:
12,00 € plus VAT
Condensate pump assembly kit

Connection kit for condensation pump

Article no.:

List price:
215,00 € plus VAT
Installation covers

Wooden installation cover

to protect trench during installation, factory-fitted, grilles are packed separately
Article no.:

List price:
16,00 € / m
plus VAT

1. Where are Katherm HK units typically used?

Katherm HK for heating and cooling are ideal for all areas of buildings that need to be heated in winter and cooled in summer due to the high incidence of sunlight through the glass façades. Many years of experience have show that Katherm HK can be used to provide cost-effective and efficient cooling in these areas.

2. What systems are possible with Katherm HK?

Katherm is available as a 2-pipe system and also as a 4-pipe system when heating with LPHW and chilled water (CHW).

3. Which fans are used in the Katherm HK?

Extremely energy-efficient EC tangential fans are used, which maximise use of the energy consumed. They are far superior to conventional shaded-pole motors particularly at low fan speeds. Operating the units at very low fan speeds equates to very low noise levels.