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Katherm QE

Fan-assisted trench heating with EC technology and electrical element.

Katherm QE
Your benefits:
  • Fast warm-up of the room

  • High heat outputs at low sound emissions

  • Shallow trench widths and heights to blend discreetly into the interior of a space


  • Ideal solution for high heat outputs as alternative to convectors with LPHW
  • Fast warm-up of the room
  • High heat outputs at low sound emissions
  • Shallow trench widths and heights to blend discreetly into the interior of a space
  • Matching frame for every roll-up grille: for a perfect overall look


  • Effective cold air screening of large windows
  • EC tangential fan technology
  • Stainless steel electric heating coil with aluminium-zinc fins, with protective sensor tube above
  • Low surface temperatures
  • Simple, convenient electric control by via room thermostat or BMS


  • Clear view and feel good temperature in front of full-length glass façades
  • For complete room heating, supplementary heating an/or cold air screening
  • Finished heating trench only 112 mm deep in screed
  • Trench width 207 mm
  • Three trench lengths 825, 1250 and 1700 mm; non-standard lengths can be created with tailor-made empty dummy sections


  • Control box with integral 0 - 100 % output control
  • Electric heating coil, protection class IP 65, factory-wired to the output control
  • 2-Stage safety switch comprising safety thermostat and temperature fuse as protection against incorrect operation
  • With air guide panels for optimum air guidance through the heating coil and out of the trench
Katherm QE trench heatingdownload as.pdf, 3,15 MB
Cross-product information
Product overviewdownload as.pdf, 6,08 MB
Installation manuals
Katherm QE trench heatingdownload as.pdf, 1,22 MB
Installation covers

Wooden installation cover

Baubreite 207 mm, type 100920
to protect trench during installation, factory-fitted, grilles are packed separately
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11,00 € / m
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What are Katherm QE units with electric heating elements suitable for?

Katherm QE are the ideal solution for installing in front of full-height glazing if the use of a LPHW or LPWW convector is not possible or planned.

How does the 0 - 100% output control work?

The heat output control only becomes operational when the fans are switched on in any stage. If the speed changes, the electrical heat output needed is automatically adjusted.

What safety functions are built into Katherm QE units?

Katherm QE units are fitted with a 2-stage safety switch:

  1. If the temperature on the surface of the grille rises to an impermissible level, then the heating element is switched off by a safety thermostat.
  2. A temperature switch shuts the units down if the temperature in the trench continues to rise for no recognisable reason.