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Katherm QK

Fan-assisted trench heating with EC technology.

Katherm QK
Your benefits:
  • Whisper-quiet EC technology

  • Optimised for use with low temperatures, outputs in accordance with DIN EN 16430

  • Made-to-measure

Key features

  • Short delivery times for our standard trenches
  • A matching edge profile for a perfect design with every grille
  • Quick installation with Eurokonus valve fittings, height-adjustment feet and raised floor mounting feet
  • Project solutions are available for all geometries with mitred corners, curved designs, column recesses or chamfered trenches 


  • Effective cold air screening of large windows
  • Extra long EC fan for uniform convector airflow resulting in high heat outputs at low sound emissions
  • Unique high-performance convector optimised for airflow and heat dissipation
  • Sturdy height adjustment feet with sound insulation for simple fixing of the trench and to avoid airborne sound transmission
  • Anti-twist device for the heating connection prevents damage to the convector when fitting the valves; valves optional as accessories


  • Clear view and feel good temperature in front of full-length glass façades
  • For complete room heating, a supplementary heat supply and/or cold air screening
  • High-performance at low temperature ranges, perfect in combination with trend-setting heating systems
  • 120 different versions are available

... also good to know

  • The Katherm QK benefits from the expertise of our in-house Research and Development Center, tailored to customer requirements from the marketplace.
  • The heat outputs were measured and determined in accordance with E DIN EN 16430 "Fan-assisted radiators, convectors and trench convectors" Part 1: "Technical specifications and requirements" and Part 2: "Test method and rating of the heat output."
  • The QK standard lengths can be extended in 200 mm increments from 1000 mm to 3200 mm. Lengths that are not available can be created with individual tailor-made units.
Spezial Katherm QK chauffages en caniveau, écran optimisédownload as.pdf, 6,89 MB
Spezial Katherm QK trench heating, screen-optimizeddownload as.pdf, 6,88 MB
Cross-product information
Product overviewdownload as.pdf, 6,08 MB
Overview Katherm Supply Air Versionsdownload as.pdf, 4,07 MB
Installation manuals
Katherm QK trench heatingdownload as.pdf, 3,53 MB
Building product declaration Katherm trench heatingdownload as.pdf, 333,01 KB
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BIM data (Building Information Modeling)
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Valves and Return shut-off valves

Valve body

suitable for:
Katherm NK 182 (trench heights 150 mm and 200 mm)
Katherm NK 232/300/380 (all trench heights)
Katherm QK
Katherm HK 340
Article no.:

List price:
28,00 € plus VAT

Pre-setting key

Pre-setting key for valve bodies type 346909, 346910, 346911 and convector valve set type 126103, pre-settable, one required per project
Article no.:

List price:
4,20 € plus VAT

Return shut-off valve

1/2" connection, straight, type 145952
suitable for:
Katherm NK,
Katherm QK,
Katherm HK 320, Katherm HK 340, Katherm HK 290
Article no.:

List price:
15,00 € plus VAT
Valve Actuators

Thermoelectric actuator

24 V AC/DC for KaControl and clock thermostat type 30456!
Article no.:

List price:
60,00 € plus VAT

Room thermostat

with speed setting in a flat surface-mounted housing, colour white, with thermal feedback. Setting of the room temperature and pre-setting of the speed via turning knobs
Room thermostat for infinitely adjustable parallel control of:
- max. 10 Katherm QK
- max. 10 Katherm QK nano
Article no.:

List price:
85,00 € plus VAT
Installation covers

Wooden installation cover

to protect trench during installation, factory-fitted, grilles are packed separately
Article no.:

Price on request

What are the energy-savings with the EC motors used in Katherm QK?

A higher degree of motor efficiency is possible with the new highly efficient EC fans that are capable of achieving energy-savings of up to 60% compared with conventional split-pole motors. 

How many Katherm QK can be controlled with one KaControl unit?

Up to 6 Katherm QK can be controlled via the KaControl T-LAN interface, depending on the control and regulation concept. This can be extended up to 30 Katherm QK via a CANbus interface (CANbus card needed). 

Which models are available?

The following Katherm QK are available:


  • 2 trench widths 190 and 215 mm
  • 1 trench height 112 mm
  • 12 trench lengths from 1000 to 3200 mm in 200 mm increments
  • 8 grille colours as roll-up or linear grilles
  • KaControl control system as standard or an optional electromechanical controller