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Katherm HK

EC tangential fan-assisted convection for heating or cooling.


Heat Pump Ready

This product is suitable for use with a heat pump or other low temperature system. Reduce your energy requirements, operating costs and emissions with our Heat Pump ready range of products. And make you and your customers less dependent on fossil fuels.

We have appropriate heat pump solutions for many applications, from industrial sheds, office buildings, hotels to private homes.

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Certificate ISO 50001:2018
PDF (194 kB)
Certificate ISO 9001:2008
PDF (118 kB)
Digital EPD database Katherm HK E
Digital EPD database Katherm HK
EPD Katherm HK E
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ETL Authorisation to mark Katherm and Baseboard HK and QK
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EPD Katherm HK
PDF (2.5 MB)
Cross-product information
Overview Katherm supply air versions
PDF (4.1 MB)
Overview Trench Systems
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BIM data (Building Information Modeling)
Kampmann Group BIM data
Technical catalogues
Katherm HK trench heating
PDF (17.3 MB)
Katherm HK trench heating
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Katherm HK, brief instructions
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