Research & Development Centre 

Major investment requires performance that can be tested.

This is what we can offer our customers in our in-house Research & Development Centre (FEC) at our headquarters in Lingen. Completed in June 2008 with an investment of approx. € 4 million, it is one of the most modern facilities of its type in Europe.

The multifunctional design of the building with a floor area of approx. 1,200 m² houses an air flow laboratory, a multi-purpose laboratory and a sound chamber.


The technically state of the art fit-out of the laboratory, which also houses a test chamber, two climate simulation units and a climate chamber, is designed to meet customers' ever-changing demands: Functional demonstration and presentation of products, Tests simulating real operating conditions, Reliable technical data and proof of outputs, Continuous new developments and product enhancements.


The FEC enables the company to develop new standard products, continually improve its products, undertake applied research, provide detailed analyses of the units to be tested and, carry out testing in accordance with standards.



Air flow laboratory - Simulation of a room climate

The walls, floor and ceiling of the air flow laboratory can be heated and cooled independently of each other and the air humidity can also be set as required, enabling the air and room conditions in planned buildings to be simulated precisely in order to supply detailed information about the effect of the heating, cooling or ventilation units used. This applies for performance data and also for air flows in the room or comfort analyses.


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Climate chamber - Temperatures ranging from -15 °C to +45 °C are possible

Air temperatures ranging from - 15 °C to + 45 °C can be produced in the climate chamber at air humidities of 20 to 95 %. The units are therefore even tested under extreme conditions. Typical issues involved here include the formation of condensation and frost protection functions in particular.


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Multi-purpose laboratory - Accurate air flow rate measurements

The main focus of the multi-purpose laboratory is to carry out highly accurate air volume measurements and thermodynamic tests on larger ventilation units. A test chamber is available for these measurements that can measure flow rates in the range of 28 m³/h to 10,000 m³/h at a maximum error of 0.5%.


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Sound chamber - Semi-anechoic room

The centrepiece of the sound chamber is a semi-anechoic room with a usable volume of 8.4 m x 6.4 m x 5.2 m. It is located in a 35 to 40 cm thick concrete cube that guarantees a maximum background sound pressure level of 15 db(A) and is lined with approx. 40 cm thick rockwool and fibreglass and 45 cm wedge absorbers. These ensure freedom of reflection in a frequency range of 100 Hz to 12,000 Hz. The entire concrete cube, weighing just under 450 tons, was placed on springs to prevent any disruptive vibrations affecting the floor. The room therefore provides ideal conditions to test and optimise the acoustics of the quietest units. The sound chamber is certified for measurements in accordance with ISO 3745.


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Contact the Research and Development Centre (FEC)

Dr. Thorsten Wolterink

Director of the R&D Centre

Phone +49 591 7108-311

Fax +49 591 7108-7311