PowerKon LT heat pump-based heaters

Heating and cooling with heat pumps in existing and new buildings

In almost all heating systems, the temperature of the heating water is crucial for their efficient operation. The exact temperature of this water depends on the combination of heat generator and heat consumer selected.

For instance, if a gas heating system is replaced by a heat pump the supply temperature can be lowered. Adding a heat pump-based heater enables ultra-low supply temperatures to simultaneously generate high outputs.

PowerKon LT in detail

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Benefits of a heat pump-based heater

  • improved efficiency
  • lower energy requirement
  • lower heating costs
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions

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PowerKon LT: the heat pump-based heater for the home

The myth that a heat pump in your own home only works with underfloor heating is long out of date. Fan-assisted heaters, also known as heat pump-based heaters or low-temperature heaters, represent a convenient solution for use in the home.

PowerKon LT units are ideal for use in new buildings to fully benefit from the cooling function of the heat pump. However, they are also very popular, especially in existing homes. The PowerKon LT makes it easy to switch from an oil or gas heating system to a heat pump.

And they can even have a cooling function, depending on the pipework and individual comfort requirements.

PowerKon LT

Heat pump operated with high temperatures

PowerKon LT units take full advantage of the benefits of heat pumps: low flow temperatures of 35 °C.

Admittedly, heat pumps are often able to deliver higher temperatures, but this is inefficient!

A 35 °C low temperature system with a PowerKon LT works around 25 - 35 % more efficiently than a high-temperature system operating at 55 °C.

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PowerKon LT

PowerKon LT – low temperature-based heaters

  • High heat output with low system temperatures
  • Up to 25 % improved efficiency with a heat pump compared to high-temperature systems
  • Enables the cooling mode of the heat pump to be used
  • Intuitive touch display
Detail view

PowerKon LT: Performance data

Various outputs levels with corresponding sound pressure levels can be set on the display of the PowerKon LT. In automatic mode, the PowerKon control adjusts the fan depending on the heater output required.

Alternatively, three levels can be manually selected, for instance to obtain maximum output in Level III to rapidly heat up the room, or conversely whisper-quiet operation in Level I.

PowerKon LT

Cooling with low temperature-based units

PowerKon LT units can also be used to cool a room, with the heat pump simply supplying it with cold water. A differentiation is made between dry and wet cooling. Dry cooling is always possible when the heat pump has a cooling function.

The considerably lower water temperatures of wet cooling provide for very high cooling outputs. However, condensate drainage is then required from the PowerKon LT to the sewage system, and the pipework system needs to be vapour-proof insulated.

PowerKon LT

Dimensions of the heat pump-based heaters

The PowerKon LT is available in various sizes and designs to meet individual needs and requirements. The optimal dimensions depend on various factors, such as the size of the room in which the unit is installed and the required heating capacity. As a rule, the PowerKon LT is available in three different sizes. The dimensions are in width 780, 1030 and 1220 mm with a height of 618 mm and a depth of 141 mm.

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