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Ceiling HK
Heating Cooling

Energy-efficient heating and cooling ceiling unit with minimum dimensions.

Ceiling HK
Your benefits:
  • Heating & cooling in less than 6" ceiling void

  • ECM fans, quiet and energy efficient with BMS interface

  • 2-pipe or 4-pipe systems

Key Features

  • Wide range of standard sizes for heating & cooling
  • Super slim unit for discreet ceiling installation
  • Ceiling-recessed in voids of less then 6"
  • Energy-efficient and low-noise ECM fans


  • Energy-saving EC tangential fan with flow-optimised impellers producing uniform airflow through convector with ultra-low noise levels
  • 2- or 4-pipe system available
  • Anti-torsion mechanism for connections prevents damage to the coil when fitting valves
  • Condensate pump if required (optional)
  • High-quality powder-coated casing (optional)

Areas of Application / Installation

  • Commercial or Residential where ceiling space is restricted
  • Where a traditional FCU solution may not fit
  • Areas with low noise requirements
  • Cooling-only, heating-only or heating/cooling system applications

... Also Good to Know

  • Heating and cooling outputs tested in accordance with Parts 1, 2 & 3 of EN 16430
  • Acoustic measurements taken in compliance with EN ISO 3744
Fan-assisted Baseboard and Slimline Convectorsdownload as.pdf, 543,52 KB
What supply voltage is required for the Ceiling HK?

The Ceiling HK uses 24V ECM fans. Kampmann are able to supply Class 2 Transformers for connecting individually or banks of units together.

What systems are possible with the Ceiling HK?

Heating and Cooling with either 2-pipe or 4-pipe.

How are the fans controlled?

The energy efficient ECM fans are designed to accept a 0-10V BMS signal for fan speed control.

Where are the Ceiling HK units typically used?

Where you have only 6" of ceiling void available and need heating and/or cooling!