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PowerKon + W

Wall-mounted convector for use with low water temperatures.

PowerKon + W
Your benefits:
  • Convector optimised for use with low water temperatures

  • Responsive due to low water content

  • Low surface temperature

Key features

  • Functional and cost-effective option of wall-mounted encased use of convectors.
  • Available with practical casing heights and minimal depth
  • Air outlet either available as a perforated profile or a linear grille with a C-profile
  • Units come complete with brackets


  • PowerKon copper/aluminium heat exchangers with corrugated fins increase the surface area and create more heat
  • Optimum controllability and fast heat-up thanks to low water content
  • Single-end connection


  • The professional solution for public, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Single-section prefabricated wall-mounted casing with the following dimensions:
    - Height 250, 400, 550 and 700 mm
    - Depth 70, 120, 170 and 220 mm
    - Length from 600 to 2600 mm (Depth 220 mm to 2400 mm)

... also good to know

  • Sheet steel casing with long-lasting corrosion protection thanks to a phosphate finish, powdercoated in RAL 9016
  • “Quick fit“ system, casing fit without the need for screws
  • Heat outputs tested in line with DIN EN 442
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PowerKon + F, PowerKon + W convecteurs, écran optimisédownload as.pdf, 1,37 MB
Cross-product information
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Installation manuals
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Connecting accessories

Thermostatic valve head

Article no.:

List price:
30,00 € plus VAT

Connection set

consisting of thermostatic valve body, axial form, and return shut-off valve, straight
Article no.:

List price:
33,00 € plus VAT
Valves and Return shut-off valves

Pre-setting key

Pre-setting key for valve bodies type 346909, 346910, 346911 and convector valve set type 126103, pre-settable, one required per project
Article no.:

List price:
4,20 € plus VAT
In which dimensions is PowerKon + W available?

PowerKon + W is available in the following practical widths and heights:

  • Height: 250/400/550 and 700 mm
  • Width: 70/120/170 and 220 mm
  • Length: 600 to 2600 mm
How does PowerKon + W achieve its high heat outputs?

The unique designs of the PowerKon heat exchanger with its extended surface area with corrugated aluminium fins produces a high heat output even from smaller heat exchanger dimensions. Fast warm-up and good controllability can be achieved thanks to the lower water content.

What are the benefits to the customer of DIN CERTCO registration?

The heat outputs have been tested in line with DIN EN 442 and are registered and monitored by the DIN CERTCO certification company (registration no. 6R1168). Kampmann thereby guarantees the trust, confidence and reliability of its product quality.