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Katherm QL
Heating Ventilation

Trench heating with displacement ventilation.

Katherm QL
Your benefits:
  • Displacement air and façade screening

  • For the targeted supply of conditioned displacement air

  • Effective made-to-measure layered ventilation

Key features

  • Displacement ventilation provides a comfortable room climate.
  • Effective cold air screening of large windows
  • The room can be arranged independently of the heating system; the overall appearance of the building is not impaired.
  • Project solutions are available for all geometries with mitred corners, curved designs, column recesses or chamfered trenches
  • A matching edge profile for a perfect design with every grille


  • Heating and cooling function combined in one unit
  • Displacement air outlets allow for the low-turbulence supply of fresh air via large air outlets in the floor
  • No draughts as air velocity is well below 0.3 m/s
  • Additional perforated sliding panel between the displacement ventilation outlet and convector, which increases the heat output in problem areas
  • High-output Cu/Al convectors - 100 and 150 mm in depth
  • Water connection: 1/2” room-side, displacement ventilation connection: Ø 70 mm or 100 mm room-side


  • Preferred when a high air volume and minor cooling output are required with a high room height
  • Typical applications are office and administration buildings, meeting venues, restaurants, rooms with high glass façades and where air quality is likely to be poor
  • Trench height of 130, 180 und 230 mm, minimum installed height of 140 mm; further dimensions on request
  • Overall frame width of 272, 310, 340, 400 and 420 mm; other dimensions within this range on request
  • Minimal trench length: 1100 mm

... also good to know

  • Supply lines can be run within the raised floor
  • High quality of hygiene through the displacement of pollution, such as bacteria, pollen, etc.
  • Technical air volume/heating tests were carried out by the research company HLK at the University of Stuttgart
Building product declaration Katherm trench heatingdownload as.pdf, 333,01 KB

How does displacement ventilation work?

Cool, prepared air is emitted from the trench into the room and spreads as a stable layer just above the floor. The fresh air from this "pool of cold air" rises on natural up-currents in the room and dispels the used air. This produces a low-turbulence air exchange.

What is the temperature and speed of the displacement air?

In cooling mode the displacement is supplied at a temperature of 2 to 4 K below room temperature and with an air speed of well below 0.3 m/s.

What assistance does Kampmann GmbH offer with design and installation?

We will design your individual project solution on the basis of structural conditions on site, the design of facades/floor construction and any specification from clients, designers and architects. Site dimensions can also be taken by our works team, who can work alongside you in the installation phase.